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Barista Complete Essentials Kit Features

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Barista Complete Essentials Kit has absolutely everything you need with an espresso machine at home or for a cafe just starting. This is a great choice if you’ve just bought a new machine, looking for a new kit or gift idea for that coffee lover. Traditional espresso machines will usually not include the gear necessary to begin making quality espresso at home. With the complete kit, you’ll be set to begin looking after your machine from day one and making the perfect cappuccinos or lattes soon as you get home.
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Barista Complete Essentials Kit Features

Everything you need – The extra little things needed that come with making espresso in one convenient pack.

A Professional Jug – The 600ml Pro Pitcher will have you pouring multiple drinks at ease with the marked volumes inside the jug.

Industry Standard Tamp – Tampers are a must when making espresso but for some reason are never included with an espresso machine. A good one makes all the difference.

Clean Routine – This kit includes it all to ensure a clean work bench and a well maintained espresso machine.

This Product Includes:

·        Pro Milk Jug, 600ml

·        Knock Out Tube, Black

·        Tamper Mat, 

·        Professionally Weighted Stainless Steel Tamper, 58mm Flat Base

·        Profiline Milk Thermometer to suit400 & 600ml Jugs

·        Group Head Brush

·        Clean Machine Barista Cloth Set

·        Clean Machine Back flushing Powder,100g

·        Clean Machine Milk Steamer Solution,250ml

·        Blind Filter Rubber Disc, for back flushing / cleaning


·        Materials: Stainless Steel Jug &Tamper /  Micro-fiber Clothes / Plastic Brush, Tamp Mat & Knock Box.

·        Weight: 4kg

·        Capacity of Milk Jug: 600ml / 20oz

·        Milk Thermometer with clip to suit400ml & 600ml Jugs

·        Tamp: 58mm Weighted Tamp

·        Tamp Mat: 15cm x 20cm

We can also customize a kit up to suit your business or machines!!! A customized kit comes with a printed color sticker which overlays the existing product panel and can be customized with a wide range of barista tools, cleaning and coffee accessories.

The customized kit can be fine tuned to suit a wide range of budgets and machine types.


2023 - 02 - 10
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$ 279