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The Artis Difference:
Embracing the Time-Honored Tradition of Wood Fire Roasting At Artis, we believe that the process of roasting coffee beans is an art form a delicate balance between science and tradition. That's why we proudly embrace the time-honored method of wood fire roasting, standing in stark contrast to the prevalent use of gas roasting in the industry. While gas roasting has undoubtedly increased speed, productivity, and profit margins, we firmly believe that the art of coffee roasting should not be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency.

Advantage of wood roasting:

One of the most significant advantages of wood fire roasting is its ability to preserve the natural lipids within the coffee bean. The higher humidity generated by the wood fire helps retain these essential oils, ensuring a truly authentic and flavorful coffee experience. Unlike gas roasting, where the high heat can often strip away these precious lipids, wood fire roasting  allows us to bring out the best in each bean, capturing its inherent richness and complexity.
The result of our wood fire roasting method is nothing short of spectacular—a coffee that bursts with flavor, free from any bitter aftertaste. By carefully controlling the roasting process, we achieve a harmonious balance between acidity, body, and aroma. Each cup of Artis coffee offers a full-bodied, smooth taste that is as satisfying as it is memorable. But don't be mistaken; while we honor tradition, we also embrace modern advancements. At Artis, we combine the artistry of wood fire roasting with the precision of sophisticated computerized technology. This fusion allows us to maintain a consistent roast profile with every batch of coffee beans. Our roasters are meticulously calibrated, ensuring that the perfect balance of heat, time, and airflow is achieved for each unique origin and blend.
By choosing Artis, you are not just savoring a  cup of coffee; you are immersing yourself in a tradition that spans generations. We invite you to experience the difference of wood fire roasting—an age-old technique that brings out the best in every coffee bean and delivers an unparalleled taste sensation. Join us on this journey as we blend tradition and innovation, crafting exceptional coffee for the true connoisseurs.