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A LITTLE BIT about Us...

Behind every good cup of coffee is a lot of love.  And so begins the journey of a serendipitous love story back in 1999 - when Ali met Ella. The young couple shared many interests, but it was their mutual love of coffee that ultimately paved the way for the concept and birth of Artis Wood Roasters.  

Ella's Italian heritage, and coming from a long line of artisan coffee Wood Roasters dating back to 1905, inspired Ali to delve into the art of wood roasting. The traditional wood roasting technique was passed down to him by his father-in-law, who was the first pioneer of Wood Roasted Coffee in all of Australia. His expert knowledge and unmatched experience were very valuable in the roastery. In a case where the  student becomes the master', Ali's passion for perfection helped him master the skills of wood roasting and he quickly became an indispensable member at the family owned and first coffee wood roastery in Australia.

Around the time that the new global wave of Coffee Roasters were redefining their ideas about sourcing, roasting and brewing.
Ali too had the desire to evolve, expand and create the perfect coffee recipe.

Sometimes life makes unexpected turns, only to guide us to better paths. Destiny, again, transpired at this time and willed the reuniting of an old friend, who helped Artis take it's stepping stones to greatness. Together, the old friends formed the Award Winning Coffee blend, that is, Artis.

‘Our path to the perfect cup’

Don’t forget that coffee is only as good as the roaster who blends and roasts it! That is why we are truly crafted for taste.

WoodFire Roasted Benefits.

The Artis Difference:
Embracing the Time-Honored Tradition of Wood Fire Roasting.
At Artis, we believe that the process of roasting coffee beans is an art form a delicate balance between science and tradition. That's why we proudly embrace the time-honored method of wood fire roasting, standing in stark contrast to the prevalent use of gas roasting has undoubtedly increased speed, productivity, and profit margins, we firmly believe that the art of coffee roasting should not be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency.